Psychological Evaluations for Asylum & Hardship Immigration Cases

About the Evaluations

New arrivals to the United States may seek asylum due to persecution or fear of persecution. This extreme hardship can stem from political oppression or violence, human trafficking, forced labor, or domestic violence. 

When applying for asylum, extreme hardship, or spousal abuse (VAWA), a Mental Health or Psychological Evaluation adds tremendous value to an immigration case. An expert evaluation conducted by a licensed professional (in English, Spanish), along with a comprehensive report that reflects your story, can be used by your attorney to support your case and positively impact your immigration proceedings.

What is a Psychological Evaluation?

An Immigration Psychological/Mental Health Evaluation is an assessment that is used to help immigration courts determine whether a person can legally remain in the United States. An immigration evaluation starts by talking with your attorney. If an attorney recommends that you and/or members of your family should have an assessment completed, Dr. Nicola will gather any relevant and meaningful information about your case, along with any specific legal issues.

Evaluations and reports can be beneficial for any of the following immigration proceedings:

  • Extreme Hardship Cases
  • Spousal Abuse (VAWA)
  • Political Asylum Cases

What should I expect?

The evaluations with Dr. Nicola will be a clinical interview that lasts approximately 2-3 hours, depending on the complexity of your case. To learn more about your story and the circumstances that led you to seek asylum to the US, Dr. Nicola will ask you questions about your personal and family history, as well as any past trauma. The goal of the interview will be to gather information pertinent to your case so as to capture the most accurate picture of your experience in the report. 

In addition to this clinical interview, you will also be asked to complete some questionnaires that will use rating scales to help Dr. Nicola gain greater understanding of your emotional and mental experiences. These scales – along with the information gathered during your clinical interview – will be used to create a thorough report that your legal counsel can use to strengthen your court case.

What if I need an interpreter?

Our office has interpreters available. The fees associated with these services are included in the final cost of the evaluation.


Where will the evaluation interview be held?

Both in-person and virtual options are available for you.  Our office is located in Princeton Junction, NJ.

What to Bring

What should I bring?

All clients will receive one or two assessment forms prior to the meeting. We ask that you kindly complete the forms prior to meeting with Dr. Nicola.

Scheduling and Fees

How do I schedule an evaluation?

Scheduling a psychological evaluation is easy. Please call our main number: (360) 646-1251 to reach Dr. Nicola.

How much does the evaluation cost?

Every client’s situation is unique. To reflect that uniqueness, our psychological assessment – and their variable costs – are customized to meet your needs. In many instances, the fee is determined by the number of family members included in the report. Our office will work with you to determine the appropriate fee. 

What are accepted forms of payment?

Checks, Cash, payment plan


Please contact Dr. Widian Nicola at (360) 464-1251 or by email at for additional information.